Fueled by passion,

forged by experience

The Future

of investing

Over years of Investing into different financial markets and experiencing the ups and downs of all of them we realized a very important concept : Financial Planning needs to be EXTREMELY Personalized.
The Black Fund was built on the idea that each individual's financial situation is unique and therefore deserves customized advice and tailored financial products.
By tailoring products and services specifically to each person's needs, personalization can help investors achieve their goals more efficiently. One of the biggest challenges in personalizing investing is the lack of accurate data on which to base recommendations. Just as an individual's genome cannot be predicted based on his or her DNA sequence, no two people's financial situations are exactly alike. In addition, there are many other factors that influence an individual's financial situation besides just his or her investment portfolio. These include things like health status, overall wealth, and even the weather outside! Personalization requires a thorough understanding of all these factors so that a personalized plan can be created for each person. At The Black Fund we have seen many different facets of Finance and personal financial situations and we have discovered that we can help achieve our clients' goals most efficiently using the framework that we have built! This is why we created the MPG System!

Fed up, I started searching for a way to better “adult” with my finances.

Since starting The Black Fund we learned what was missing beyond a financial advising and content on the internet: Extremely Personalized Financial Planning from people that look out for YOUR best interest.
Our users weren’t just looking to be sold on things they don't even fully understand, they wanted something that made sense for THEIR future, and they wanted someone by their side guiding them through it.
There’s a reason 99% of Americans don’t have a financial planner—they are too expensive or have crazy investment minimums.
Financial planning shouldn’t be reserved for the rich, it should be accessible to everyone.

Join us as we make this dream a reality for millions of people looking for more than a budget!

Xoxo, Fahad & David